Friday, March 22

Enjoying the last few...

Yesterday, James and I went up to Blue Mountain, in Collingwood Ontario, for one of our last snowboarding days of the year. We have had some winter storms lately, which have given us a lot of snow. But, with it being later in the season, the night skiing is we only have a couple days free to go up.

It was a beauty of a day, and spent most of it on the North side of the hill doing the Black Diamond runs (and some double diamond runs for him). I just couldn't believe how beautifully sunny and warm it was. Such a change from the freezing nights we have been up.

I also managed to "rig" a camera over my desk to start video taping the progress of some work, and then maybe some tutorials! I'm still working out some camera seems to only like to record 20 minutes at a time, so I might just have to work around that. But hopefully, soon, I will have something to show you all. :D

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