Friday, March 29

Happy Easter Weekend!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Easter weekend!  James got me these lovely tulips - so pretty! And a monsterous bag of mini eggs, which he will be helping me eat - I will not be gaining 10 pounds from eating a 1kg bag of mini eggs myself! hehe :) 

I have today, Good Friday, off - but I am working at the hospital evening shifts for the weekend into the week. But that leads me to my first little bit of good news....I got offered a permanent position!! It's great news! I was working contract to contract before, and I have finally worked myself up enough with seniority and taking online courses to get myself a permanent position *grins*

This week also brought a lot of 'happy mail'. I got some of my 'spring' art supply shipments in - lots of new canvases, paints, cleaners, ect...some stuff fun, some stuff not so much fun but needed. I also got in another set of stamps - I have really been enjoying making stamped cards, and so I wanted to build up my stash a little bit, so that I have enough to pull out to make unique cards when occasions arise.

I got a new sketchbook (above), and I stamped it with one of the stamps I received (my favourite out of the lot - loving the nautical theme so, so much this year!)...this particular book I think I will be reserving for my art journalling / mixed media. I don't like doing that in my "true" sketchbook, as it starts making the pages lumpy and bumpy, and hard to draw on. Here in my art journal, I will be able to introduce texture without disturbing the dynamic of my sketchbook.

I got some painting done this week too - all the lovely birds chirping have inspired me to paint an early spring Robin (while all the birds chirping have been driving my dear cat, Oreo, crazy - as he's been running from window to window to see and 'catch' them hehe). I will be sharing the final painting with you later, I just have to scan it in and get it all set for prints and then enter it into my online store.

Well, the sun is shining and it is looking like Spring might actually stick around for a little while! Have a safe and hoppitty weekend everyone! :)


  1. Oh I do love a sweet Red Robin. I spied the first 2 Robins of the season today, which is very early but a wonderful surprise. Flame Robins are quite different from English Red Robins, but just as beautiful.
    Beautiful Tulips and enjoy those chokky eggs....

    Claire :}

  2. Congrats!!!! That's so exciting - you totally deserve it! :)


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