Sunday, March 10

Happy Sunday!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!! I will be at work, at the hospital, but it's due to rain today a great day to be at work, and then Tuesday off when it's all sunny and wonderful again (according to the newscaster!)

Working away on my online course. I could only do so much cleaning, um-
procrastination - until I had to finally get to it.
This week I was so utterly creative - working on both commissions and some personal projects as well. It was definitely a whirl-wind of a week - so much happened, and it just flew right by! I was blessed with a slower day at work on Friday, after a week of craziness. A good 'lull' to prelude my day off on Saturday.  Monday is bound to be another busy day, it usually is :)

Gorgeous late winter evening sky
Monday also brings a new lesson in Life Book, so that is super exciting! And, it might - *fingers crossed* bring some new art supplies as per the mail-man. It would still be semi-early if they arrived Monday, but hopefully for sure by the end of the week - I cannot wait to start using them! One of them being the SMAK kit by Unity Stamps, you can see this months here They had a wonderful sale this week too - buy one stamp from their Itty Bitty line and get one for 1 cent (and they do not look itty bitty at all!) - it was hard to refrain myself, but I know I have some stamping goodness coming to me already!

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