Monday, March 4

In The Studio: Gelli Printing

This past weekend, I was looking for some inspiration to start my day off. Being a little sick and stuffy, my brain was a little foggy and sleepy still. So - I pulled out my Gelli Printing Plate and went to town with it!

I created four monoprints, which I will be cutting up and using in my art journals.

It is hard to see the details in all these prints - there are so many fine layers of paint, each layer bringing in more texture. It's a shame that the scan 'flattened' all the depth. Oh well. These are being chopped up anyways, so it's not a huge deal :)


  1. Nice! I really like the red one! The sun stencil is pretty awesome too! :) you should sell little packs of small cuts of these for mixed-media (aka me) :D

  2. These are gorgeous!! I love them!! Happy chopping!!


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