Friday, March 15

Inglis Falls

James and I decided to go see Inglis Falls, where we live in Owen Sound, this week while we were waiting on pizza at our local (and much loved) momn'pop pizza joint. I had gone last year, during the summer and it was so pretty. But this time, with all the snow and ice - is was a completely different waterfall!

There is that huge chunk of ice on the right that is just waiting to break would be amazing to see.

Just to give an idea of just how much water was flowing and how fast, here's a picture of the falls from the hike with my mom and younger brother this past summer:

 We might just have to hike back to it this summer (instead of driving right to the falls) - it's a longer hike, but a good one.

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  1. Ooooh! Nice! I love waterfalls! Will definitely have to discover more this summer, though we'll have to head back to the escarpment (that runs through Hamilton) for that I think..


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