Tuesday, March 12

Life Book Week 10

Last week's Life Book lesson, which I completed last night after a very busy day at work, was taught by the host of Life Book, Tamara Laporte. It was celebrating our heart connections. It was such a fun, messy project that I thoroughly enjoyed creating this piece to add to my collection of Life Book pages!

I created the background last week, right away after watching the video and then 'sat on it' for the rest of the week, not sure what to do next. The background is predominately reds and oranges, which is a little unusual for me - I tend to go to the blue, green and purples more (love, love, love green! ;) Here are some juicy detail images of all the texture and layers!

I just watched Week 11's video too - but I first must answer some emails, pack some orders and work on some commissions before getting into that....it's another fun one though!


  1. Such a FABULOUS PAGE! :) I LOOOOVE seeing all the details shots. great work Angie! :D x

  2. I'm stuck on this one. I have the background done but just can't seem to get myself to finish it.


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