Thursday, March 7

Mixed Media Dancer

Just a peek at a mixed media girl I did last night after I was done finishing up my tax books - they're all set to bring into the tax people! ...annnddd I know this is my second post today ;) I just wanted to do something fun, and play around with techniques that I have been learning in my online courses, while bringing some of my own style and techniques to it. I was so happy with how she turned out, that I just wanted to share her with you all this morning!

This detail image shows the texture from a heart stencil wonderfully. I just love who this whole page is a mix of messy scribbles, and elegant dancer. I wasn't able to get more detail pictures, as I had to run to work - but I will be scanning her in properly (these are cell phone pictures), and probably posting her for sale.


  1. She's gorgeous! I love her white hair & polka dot dress & all the scribbled texture! :)

  2. Love following your progress through the Life Book course!


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