Thursday, March 14

Mixed Media Progress

I have the beginnings of a small mixed media painting that I have been working on here and there the past little while - yes, I know I have a bazillion things on the go, but that's just how my mind works me options when I'm just not sure about another piece ;)

I started out collaging some various papers - book pages, patterned paper, mini-cards (Tim Holtz). 

Then I added more interest to the page by stamping, doodling and adding washi tapes. I like to do this because I find that it 'blends' all the edges of the papers together. I focus on adding these bits inbetween paper edges, or over multiple paper edges. You don't notice them as much as seperate paper pieces here as much.

Next I added some true texture with modelling paste and stencil, and tinted it with some paint (golden: quinacridone magenta, Liquitex: Light portrait pink)

And finally, I went over everything with glazes of pale colour (except for a specific focal point that I wanted reserved). I mixed glazing medium with lots of white, and the light portrait pink and light blue (there is paint all over the tube, so I cannot see the name). I put especially opaque paint in some areas, and a more clear glaze in others so that parts that I wasn't so fond of, or areas that have a lot of other stuff going on are more covered than parts that I really liked and wanted to show through. 

...and that is where I leave you with this piece, for now. I sort of hit a 'block' with it - I know parts that I want to do, but I need to know how I want the rest to go before I proceed. I might end up just 'winging-it' and proceed that way. We will just have to see how I'm feeling when I get back to it :)

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