Wednesday, March 13

Old mattresses and Oreo

I just loved how this picture turned out - Oreo was just sleeping on the top of an upright mattress (an old one, we just got ours replaced...this one must be 10-15+ years old, so we were due!). How he gets up there is just as entertaining as watching him contemplate how to get down...those familiar with Oreo know that he's got some pudginess to him ;) But when he is up there, I swear he is in heaven. He just looks so utterly comfortable. I think his body fits perfectly into the worn and slouchy mattress sides hehe. What a mean sweetheart... :)


  1. Great photo. My pudgy tuxedo cat likes to sit on the back of the couch or the top of a stuffed chair. Smug little ling of all he surveys.

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