Sunday, March 3

Vesuvius' New Digs

Vesuvius' tank was looking a little 'blah', and maybe it was just the winter weather - but I thought it needed some sprucing up! So I went out and purchased some new gravel for the bottom of the tank, and some new plants and put together a new environment for everyone!

I really like this particular photo, as I caught Charlie - my tiny, tiny harlequin rasbora fish in it - and he darts around all the time, it's almost impossible to catch him! He is supposed to be in a school, but his fellow fishmates passed away some time ago and I do not want to introduce new fish at this point to the system - it always leaves it open to introducing diseases and such. He seems pretty happy just swimming around, and he doesn't at all try to hide from Vesuvius, so I think they have a decent friendship.

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