Tuesday, March 19

Weekend Snippits

Just a couple snippets from the weekend. I was on night shift, and so I slept most of the day, but when I was up, I still engaged in some creative goodness. I made the little card above. I began the lesson from this week, from Life Book - taught this week by Tim Sally :D I also completed two commission paintings that I had started earlier in the week. 

Now, I'm just sitting here, enjoying my coffee for the last 5 minutes before I head into work. I'm days this week, and I have Thursday off (so far) so I hope to be dabbling in a lot of creative goodies! I also think, that I might look into how to set up my camera to videotape working on my artwork. Just maybe...

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  1. I'd love to watch your videos! I've also been wanting to do it myself for a while now.. just not sure how I would rig it...


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