Saturday, April 13

It's An Instagram Life

Oreo being a complete suck - but how can you not love it?!
This week I was a little vacant from my blog, as I was up visiting my parents in the country for the first half of the week :) I did lots of watercolour painting while I was up there - 5 new paintings! And I'll be sharing those with all you lovelies this upcoming week. They just need to be photographed, scanned, edited and then listed. 

Smoothie for "breakfast" when I got up for night shift Friday afternoon

I got my April SMAK kit from Unity Stamp Co! Love the texture
stamps in this month's kit! I also love so much that I'm able
to use these goodies in cards and my mixed media. I think I might try to
incorporate the lace stamp into the portrait painting I'm doing

A sneaky peak at one of the painting I did at my parents. 
I know I hadn't been doing many paintings in watercolour lately - mostly just commissions. I think it is since I have dived further into the mixed media arts, that I have been surrounded by so many other art supplies. When I went up to my parents, I only brought up the watercolours, and so that was all I had to create - and then I painted up five pieces! There was just so much inspiration that I had gathered up for these lovely tree paintings, and I just needed to separate myself from my supply-clustered studio into a much more serene, and clear environment. It made complete sense to me after - the style of these paintings are so calming, I needed a calming environment to create them.

Now that I know this, I might have to rework how my loft studio is - maybe new storage solutions. Or, maybe come summer (or at least dryer weather than this wet spring) I can bring my painting into my new backyard? I'm sure to find inspiration being surrounded by all the birds and trees from the escarpment. :)

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  1. My cat does the same thing! And she event gets right on top of me and rolls over...just like my pooches.

    Love the little hint of your watercolor painting. Very pretty....


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