Thursday, April 25

New Fishes

I added some new fish to my tank this past weekend. Of course, since they are small little ones, they are darting all over the place and impossible to catch on camera!

They are called "Silvertip Tetra's" They have a very neat white tip to their fins that you see when viewed at certain angles (or under an aquarium light). I got four of them for my tank, and they are fitting in wonderfully. And Gary, the snail, is making an appearance in the bottom corner of the pictures :)

Vesuvius and Charlie do not mind them at all - they all sort of just keep to themselves, until feeding time - and then it's fishes darting everywhere for the food - but luckily not at each other :) I don't have a name for the four of them yet, I will have to think on it some more. It is likely that they won't get a name, since they're so hard to distinguish from each other. 

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