Thursday, April 18

New Watercolor Paintings

"Serenity" - 9x12" watercolor painting
I have some new watercolour paintings that I have added to my online store. I completed these while I was up North visiting my parents.  I some more paintings, but I decided to break up the update into two :)

"Bumble Bees" - 9x12" watercolor painting
I feel that Spring just gives an entirely new fresh perspective on creating artwork. It's a time of change and renewal - and watching all the bland snow melt away to revel colour is amazingly inspiring :)

"Winter Robins" - 9x12" watercolor painting
For the last two paintings, I had colour schemes in mind before I had the painting in mind. I've always loved blues / teals with reds, and purple and golden yellows is another winning combination. We have a lot of trees in our backyard - okay, we have a forest for a backyard ;) and I have been starting to pay more attention to the striations and variations of line in their bark and trunks. I really have been enjoying applying this in different ways to create my watercolour trees and forests.

All of the original paintings are available in my online store.

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