Monday, April 22

Painting Progress

I've kept good so far on my goal of working on already started paintings. I've picked up my oil paints again to  work on this landscape above. There is still lots to do, but it's really starting to come along. It's inspired by the work of Canadian artists, The Group of Seven. More specifically, those completed by Tom Thompson and J.E.H. MacDonald. Here is how to last saw it, with my underpainting starting to establish it's "ugly-phase". There I was trying to establish values, composition and form for when I started to add colour - as I am starting to do above. 

And here is where my painting of the red-haired girl stands. I've begun to develop the shadow and definition in her face. I know it seems overly dark, but I will be adding highlights above all this once I am happy with the underlying shadows. I might take a break from her face for awhile though, and work on her hair a little bit. I have some ideas on how to approach it in a stylized just to decide on one of them :)

Here is where she was when I left her with you all. She has come a long, long way - not only in her face, but with a build up in texture...but still has quite the way to go :)

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  1. Amazing! I know so little about painting -- it is fun to see your works evolve.


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