Monday, April 1

Smile, Inspire and Express Mixed Media Painting + Video :)

Smile, Inspire and Express - Mixed Media painting on 9x12" canvas panel
Happy day!! I have a new mixed media video for you - for my painting, "Smile, Inspire and Express" Once again, it is just the process, with a music overlay. I'm not sure when I will actually be creating videos with myself talking - this painting took many hours, and so there would be no way to have you all sit through that. I had to speed it up so fast :) I hope you all enjoy it!

I started this painting with quite a different direction, but love how it came out anyways. Sometimes you have to go with the flow, and this painting painted itself in that respect.

The vibrant golden yellow and fuchsia were taken up a notch by adding some PanPastels - they are so rich in pigment, it is unbelievable! I knew I was going to use them on this piece, on the raised areas, so when I was using the modelling paste in the stencils, I added some pastel medium to it to make it extra "gritty" to hold on to that pastel well. I then finished the final piece with fixative, which 'darkened' the pastels a little bit more, making them even more vibrant. 

There is gold paint under the colours on the vase as well, so it has a very luminous look to it. Some parts really do looking like they're glowing colour on certain angles and different light - making this piece a little different every time you look at it :)

The blossoms took some time. I wasn't sure how I wanted them - just that I wanted an uneven number. I don't like even numbers if I can help it, just seems "off". Once I, finally, had the blossoms made, I had to really think about where I wanted them. I placed them in different spots a couple times until I knew I was happy, and then affixed them down permanently. 

I love the look of 'old-school-typed' words. I do not own a type-writer, but I do have a lovely booklet of various words that have this look to them. I added some colour to these words with my aquamarkers and some water - they allowed a lot more control, and I didn't need as much water, as paint, and so I wouldn't ruin the stickers. The faber-castel artist pens, although I used them tons throughout this painting, would be a little too vibrant for these stickers.

Once I realized that a log of the lovely patterned paper that I had laid down was going to be covered (with only bits peeking through on the vases), I wanted to 'save' some. I added some super cheap foam letter stickers that I had, and left them on for the duration of the painting. I had some issues getting them off, but I think that was because this painting was completed over the course of a couple days, so the adhesive on the stickers had time to "settle-in". Had I completed it in one sitting, I think it would have been fine. Regardless, I was able to get the stickers off, and I refined the outlines with a black rollarball pen (staples brand, "strata")

As always, I am a lover of texture - and this piece makes me smile so much with all the texture going on! The texture in the vases, although not as 'extreme' as the flowers, brings the flowers into the painting more, so that  there is some balance and harmony among on all the textures. I used some of the princeton catalyst wedges and brushes, to shape and texture some of the paint as well. I absolutely love these tools! It makes you feel up and personal with your piece, without getting all that paint on your hands! Sometimes you still get some on your hands, and that you cannot help, but I use a lot of professional paints, so I want to be as safe as I can :) 

This floral mixed media piece is available for purchasing, here, on my online store. :)


  1. Love the bright colors and texture. Such detail in the flowers!!

  2. This is a stunning piece of work. The colors are so rich and beautiful!


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