Tuesday, April 16

Spring Cleaning and Summer Goal Setting

This weekend, I did a major clean and organize of my art studio. I will be clear first, that this was not a spring cleaning "purge" like the rest of the house will be getting. (In response to when James said, "well it's still full of stuff") Hehehe. :) The goal was to organize and move things around so that my studio was easier to work in, tidier and easier to keep tidy. I realized that a major 'kink' in my creative process is when I have everything overflowing everywhere and then my creative thoughts get clouded. This all 'dawned' on me when I was visiting my parents, and was able to create and think creatively with my watercolours so much more than I have in months.

So hopefully, this reorganization of my art space is going to pay off creatively. I also like moving things around every now and then, keeps the space fresh looking and exciting. It's amazing what moving a desk over one foot and changing the angle can do!

The 'jungle' painting in this picture is one we purchased when we
went away on a trip. I'm just adding a clear UV protetctive
coat onto it before we hang it up again.
I felt that with the huge clean, I have a fresh start for the season, and some goal setting for the spring and summer is in need!

Goal 1: Finish the numerous projects that I have started!!
While cleaning, I found (many) art projects that have been started and just never finished - and then they just sit. And sit....and sit some more. Not to mention, clutter and take up valuable space!! I want to try to finish as many projects as I can now that I have started to clear things out. I have many, many canvases and art boards that are just sitting there begging to be completed - and some that just need to bite the bullet, and get gesso-ed over because they're not going anywhere and not doing anything but getting dusty.

Here are just some of the unfinished goodness lurking around my studio:

Goal 2: Go through my current inventory watercolor paintings
I also know, that I have many watercolour paintings that were completed and never listed in my online store. I need to go through everything and filter out what was intended for the shop and what was an experiment with paint and place them in according files (and dispose of random snippits of ruined papers). Those intended for my shop need to be photographed, scanned, photo-edited, made print-ready and then listed.

Goal 3: Create a large-scale pastel painting
I haven't dabbled in my pastels much lately. I think it was a winter thing - they're good to work with when I can open a window and get ventilation going - Pastels are beautiful and colourful, but boy can they be dusty!! I want to create a couple pastel paintings, but in the end I hope to be able to challenge myself with a larger piece. It's not going to be crazy large by any means, but 2 - 3x the size of the typical 8x10" - 9x12" pieces that I had been creating. To create this large piece though, I need to get back into my pastels in general. I've been browsing the internet and getting myself all hyped up again - it doesn't help that my two favourite companies have released beautiful new colours!

To get myself back into my pastels, I decided I wanted a new home for them - a box that wasn't so "tight", and this box that held a rotor for my car was perfect!

Look at them all happy in there! And the colours!! Let it be said: pastels have such beautiful colours! I know it might not look like it either - but there are over 100 colours in this box! These are just my Mount Vision pastels, and a few randoms. My unisons I have been keeping by themselves for now. And this little reorganization completely made me want to get back into them :) 

I thought about 'decorating' the box too, to make it nice...but the main reason I even had the box was to keep for the warranty of the rotors :"must return in box" - how silly. I do not suspect at all I will have to return them, but just in case, I will keep the box in a condition that they can be returned in.

As a smaller, "side-goal" I want to try and create a stylized, or abstracted, landscape and / or floral piece. Just my typical size, but just to push myself a little further and explore the medium a little more. Looking more for shapes and form, and bringing more colour out, and putting more emotion into it. It is still fairly new to me, and I know I have lots to learn.

Goal 4: Create a large-scale abstract painting
Now, this one is going to be huge! I think  I want to take my art easel outside, and a create a super large, and super messy abstract painting - for me - not to sell. I have a backyard to play in now, and I want to use it! :) I've always kept my processes 'relatively' clean, out of respect for the walls and flooring (I am still renting our house - so I have to be considerate)...but outside, I can splatter and pour any which way I want! I think it would be a good exercise to 'let loose' a little. Get out of my size constraints and my 'studio constraints' - Just go free with my favourite supplies!

Goal 5: Get some more Project Life done!
I have put my Project Life to the side for quite some time, and therefore have been falling behind. Again, I think this was a "my-studio-is-a-cluttered-mess" problem again. Hopefully, now I can get some of this done.

and the last one...

Goal 6: Create a larger, realistic watercolour painting.
This is again, something I've been wanting to do. I even have a reference photo that I picked out ages ago, and a mostly planned approach to it. I just have to actually sit down and get to it.

So these are all the 'artistic' things that I hope to accomplish this summer. I know there will be more paintings and creations that will pop up here and there as inspiration strikes...but these are what I really want to get done....or need to get done (quite honestly, those half-done paintings that have been sitting for 1-2 years need to be finished, or get gone lol).

Are you starting to think of summer goals? Or just starting to settle into the spring cleaning?

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  1. Lofty goals! My current goals are focused on building inventory for Fall craft fairs and the holiday rush.


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