Tuesday, April 23

Star Gazing

The view straight up from the hammocks :)

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone had wonderful weekends - I did not work this weekend (finally, hehe...and had a midweek-weekend) so I spent it celebrating a friends birthday, watching a cool blues / indie band, working in the art studio, giving the house a nice clean, cuddling up with "our" regular tv shows (Doctor Who and Game of Thrones - yes, we're geeky nerds), and ended it all with star-gazing in the hammocks in our backyard.

Our hammocks. They don't look like much, but they are
super comfy! And they were here when we moved it.
Can't get better than that! :D
 It was chilly star-gazing, so it didn't last very long. There was a meteor shower last night - the Lyrid meteor shower. It was a nice and clear night, but living in town - and the bright, bright moon from last night - it was hard to see anything from this typically faint meteor shower. We did manage to see one huge streak across the night sky - and it was a big one! But, I was hoping to take in what was described by space.com as a "celestial fireworks display". Oh well, after reading accounts of it from other people, it was a harder one to see. It was nice lying on the hammocks, despite the cold - they're situated in the "forest" part of our backyard, and so if you just look straight up it feels like you are far away from the city - just stars and tree tops. I do love having a backyard again, and even moreso having a wooded backyard. I'm hoping to lie out there again when things get warmer and take in some of the summer meteor showers, or maybe have some campfires. 

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