Wednesday, May 29

Happy Mail, Mixed Media 'wall art' and Sweet New Jeans!

I got some happy mail yesterday morning - right before I had to go to work, of course! I 'instagramed' all of it, but I thought I would share it with everyone on my blog as well.

This kit was loaded with dimensional goodies, and I couldn't wait to get started, but wasn't quite sure how to start either. So, maybe it was a good thing that I had all day at work to think about it.

Aren't those butterflies precious?! Still not even sure how I'm going to incorporate them, but love their little gem bodies!

So I started, of course, with a layer of gesso to give everything something nice and gritty to stick well to, and then collaged some papers on.

Next I added some of the cute washi tape, and stamped a little with the tiny stamps included in the kit. I didn't cover it 100%, because what happens next didn't need it!

And then I used gel medium, tinted with various acrylics, to make a  'wood grain' texture --- EEE!! This is where I left off last night, and it's all dry this morning and looking so fabulous...I will share soon!

On a side note, I went shopping at a close friends store this past weekend, TnA Clothing, and picked up these super loud, but super sweet jeans! They're skinny jeans, but so comfy!

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