Wednesday, May 22

LifeBook Week 20 - Cherry Blossoms Tree

Here is Week 20 from my Lifebook class. It sort of revolved around the making of a tree - and everyone here knows how much I love trees! 

With spring here, and all the cherry blossoms blooming, I thought it would be completely appropriate to pull from that inspiration.

The quote came to me while I was listening to a song, to which the lyrics were doodled behind and then painted over top.

I used my gold paint, and added shimmer to the pink paint to give a nice glow to this piece (as shimmery tools were used in the lesson, I thought it was appropriate to pull out - especially since I rarely use my shimmer medium...I have a huge bottle that I've had for years, and there isn't even a dent in it!).

I am obviously behind in these lessons, and some I skipped as they didn't quite appeal to me at the moment. Some are half started, waiting for the next bit of inspiration to continue. Mostly - I have been busy with commission paintings and work - summer is crazy hectic for shifts at work at the hospital - I have an 8-day stretch coming up, with a half day off, and then three more. But when fall / winter comes, we will be ready to hibernate...maybe fly somewhere south and warm for a week or so :)

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