Wednesday, May 8

Mixed Media Flowers Progress - Part two

This is where I left off with this particular piece of artwork in my last post. After waiting over night, it's now all dry and you can see all those lovely strands of colour that I was talking about before. In areas where it's just the clear gel medium (with no colour, or less colour), the paper patterns underneath will be perserved.

Isn't that just beautiful texture?! The thing I like about gel medium too, when working with acrylics, is that if you only put paint on top, you can always use water or rubbing alcohol to get down to the layer that had the gel medium over it (and sometimes past it if you're persistent). It's like a security layer that not many people know about. Once again - it depends on what medium you mixed with your paints, but after a bit of experimenting you quickly get the hang of it. I oftern 'scrub-through' old paint layers to get peeks and snippets of the original patterns on the piece.

Now, because I was just in a gel-medium-lovin' sort of mood, I added some more, but this time mixed in some colour throughly. I also added some water and glazing medium to thin it out a little. Next, I poured some clean tar gel over top to add some clear texture that I will accent later with colours.

Once it was all dry (sped up this time with a heat gun), I used some of my homemade colour sprays and dripped and sprayed all over.

Here's a close up for all the yummy texture, patterns and colour that are now going on in this painting

The layer of brown gel medium works so well on top - it's thick in some areas and scrapped quite thin in others adding so much interest.

And of course, to really appreciate all this texture-goodness, you need an angle shot:

Next, I pulled out some stamps (these are Unity stamps from various kits). I used the woodgrain to stamp around the edges of the canvas, which I will be painting later. The texture is stamped in black though, so it should peak through a little. If not, then I'll just restamp - I have begun to really love stamping, so I'm completely okay with a do-over :)

I used the lace stamp and the words ("life" and "together"), and along with versamark and embossing powder, I embossed the images with white on the canvas. I find embossing really makes the impressions jump out.

Next, it's time to add some paint! I add some white to mellow the edges out, and to give the next colour some sort of base so it doesn't look too crazy when I put it on. 

Next, I add more colour (red) and after that I use some PanPastels to add more colour and some subtle shading / varience in the current colours. Then I sprayed a fixative, and did a quick clear layer (the PanPastel smuges a bit here, but since it's just for added colour, not an actual picture, it's not a big deal).  

Finally, I feel that I'm ready to start adding some elements: the flowers! I have three of them, like I said before, I like odd numbers. I make their stems out of washi strips, and then glue down the flowers once I like where they are.

I add the next set of elements - some premade leaves that came in my mixed media kit in the mail - I altered them by first covering them with a thin coat of gel medium so that the paper leafs wouldn't just "absorb" colour (if they absorbed the colour, it would look more dull, and less vibrant), and then splattered them with colours. I also added two chipboard pieces - an envelope (which I stamped in red a sentiment and words), and a stamp. I sort of wished that I added them earlier, so that they were more integrated, but there's nothing I can do now. So with them, I'll be focusing on making them more a part of the canvas.

I use my faber-castell markers and start adding shading, and using some more paint for more shading. I colour the birds on the stamp piece.

I decided to add two chipboard butterflies. I use paint on them to make them seem more part of the canvas and this painting. I choose two - bringing the total number of 'items' to five - again, this girl loves odd numbers. I add some rub-ons, more dimenstional black paint, some white, more colour to the leaves and stems - right now really just trying to make everything work together, but at the same time, I want the flowers and butterflies (uhm, one's a moth I guess heheh) to stand out.

Not quite done, but so close! I'm going to let this piece rest for a night, and then continue on tomorrow with a fresh look at it. Thinking of adding a word, but then again, I might leave just the sentiment at the bottom to stand on it's own. And, thinking of adding one more pair of leaves to the large flower, maybe.


  1. I think it looks amazing! You are very talented.

  2. Amazing. Love the texture and colors.


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