Tuesday, May 7

Mixed Media Flowers Progress

I thought I would take the time this week to walk you through a mixed media painting that I am working on. First off, is deciding the canvas...and this decides a lot about your piece: it determines composition and how much you can create on it. If you have a grand idea, and start on the wrong canvas not quite thinking it through - you might not have enough room for that grand idea. Also, if you have a 'smaller' idea, and start on a canvas too big - you're going to have lots of extra space that just might not work for the concept you're going for. I like to have lots of different canvas sizes on hand, so I can just pick from my pile. Of course, as time goes past, the pile goes down. I order my canvases in a big lot once or twice a year. 

I choose the 8x16" canvas for this piece. With the size of the blossoms, and everything else I'm thinking of incorporating  the 6x12" canvas is just too small. I don't want a more square canvas, as the elongated canvas is perfect for the long stems of the flowers. 

I have decided that I want a collaged background, and so I start out with a couple pages of patterned paper that I like together, and simply just rip and paste them down. I love this past, as it is probably the 'easiest' = you don't think, you just rip and paste and love all the colour and patterns :D

Next, I mix some gloss gel medium loosely with a paint with of blue / green. When I say loosely  I mean that there are 'strands' of colour in the gel medium, I didn't fully incorporate the colour. I also didn't fully mix the blue and green - so there are strands of blue, green and various teals. As this dries, the 'white' will be gone, and only the various colours will be left. I plan on going over all this with a sheer, very wet layer of colour to pick up all the grooves.

Next I add some stamping through the use of coffee filters. Since the colours right now are quite pale, I wanted to use paler stamping ink. I know the particular 'pale' ink that I have does not stamp well over mixed media services, so I stamp on tissue first, and then glue that down and it works perfect!

While all that is drying, I make my flowers. I choose three - I like odd numbers in my artwork - it's a personal thing. Some places will say it's a compositional thing, but you can look in fine art and find even numbers too. I just like odd, it just feels right. The flowers are made of canvas pieces that I have distressed by folding them, running my scissors along their edges and then finally going over the edges with distress ink. I use a cute brad to hold all the layers together. I like brads for layered flowers, then I don't have to worry about the glue holding every layer. The brad holds them all, and I just have to really glue the layer closest to the canvas. 

The gel medium is still drying...this will take a while, as I put on quite a bit. I add some more texture with dimensional paint. I do this now, as I know I will want to paint over it when I start bringing out my paints. Although, the black does not look bad right now....

And my final layer before I sign off for today is some of my spray mist, which I sprayed and also just dripped everywhere too. The green might seem to not go right now, but I know the colours that I'm glazing over top and it'll make it all work :)

That's it for now! :) Happy creating!

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  1. LOVE those fun and funky flowers! Anxious to see more.


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