Tuesday, May 14

Painted Mailbox and May SMAK kit

It's been busy in the art studio working on commissions this past week (and into this week!). I finished up a large custom wedding invite order - and now I'm working on this mailbox (for the same wedding - for cards). I haven't ever really painted a mailbox before, but so far so good. The curve at the top throws for for a loop sometimes, but I have found that working on the floor with it makes it easier.  Also on the go - I tend to jump back and forth between projects as they are drying - are a couple watercolor painting commissions. I finished two up two watercolor paintings last night, and might share with you later this week if their owners are okay with it :) I'm also working on a pig 'lawn ornament' that I'm painting - except I will not be sharing on my blog, as per request...but it is fun and different to work on!

I also got May's SMAK kit in the mail from Unity Stamps. I love how big and wonderful they are! I am always just jumping to get my hands on them when they arrive. I still cannot believe how many stamps they jam-pack onto that 8.5x11" sheet of red rubber - literally no waste of materials - which is always a plus :)

I am always eager to tear them from the sheet - I almost always do it right away after opening the package. It's just so much fun! I really don't have a very organized system for these stamps yet, I basically just store them in their respective plastic ziploc bag, and keep them all in a box - it works for me. And the simple storage solution, means I'm more likely to keep it going :)

With all the custom work going on, I didn't have time to get into them a lot. But I knew I wanted to stamp this one in my journal, and so I did - using inks to create a pink to orange ombre effect. It stamped so pretty! I'm using this particular impression for a "grateful" list for the week. 

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