Tuesday, June 25

Always Exploring, Always Experimenting

Untitled - Painting in progress, 24x27"
Please don't be startled by the artwork I'm sharing with you this week. It is from a Life Book 2013 lesson, where the material is steps away from what I usually create. I will tell you from the start, that what is being 'put forth' in this painting, was not what I had originally thought, or intended to paint. I'm not sure what it all means, or if it even means anything. Sometimes they say that it brings forth inner emotions when subjects just 'pop' into artwork...but even so, what may seem obvious may be highly metaphoric for something else - or might not even be anything. That is why I love painting so much, everyone can find their own and different thoughts in a painting.

So, anyways. This painting. Weird and odd - yes, I 100% agree. But also an excellent experience, experiment and totally painting out of my norm - 100% refreshing and new, and totally exciting. The main idea of the lesson last week - make a background, find faces in the background, and just go from there. We were given the artists, Picasso, Chagall and Basquiat for inspiration. I feel that I pulled the most from Basquiat - loved his work! Here are some of my progress shots:

And...before people start jumping to conclusions...the image of a baby does not mean that we are having a baby, or anything like that LOL. That is what a lot of people thought when I showed them. As I mentioned above, imagery in paintings can mean oodles of things, and I cannot personally tell you what this means, as I'm just not sure myself. I saw what I saw in the background, pulled it out, and yes it's crazy-odd for my usually painting style. But I am loving it.

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  1. Love this! I am so behind on LIFE BOOK. Still only halfway through the bird lesson.


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