Monday, June 17

Lazy Sunny Days

I spent the only sunny and warm day this past weekend on an old duvet lying on my lawn soaking up the sun with dear Oreo while I was nursing my ankle - can't do anything else, so may as well lie in the sunshine! :)  He 100% embraced the fact that he could not only lie outside, but on a comfy duvet as well.

You can't see it, but he does have a harness on. Yes, yes I know I know...crazy cat lady and all. Being that I'm somewhat incapable of chasing after a cat if he spots the neighbourhood feline 'friend', I wanted to be sure he couldn't get too far on his own if he made a dash for it.


  1. Love your kitty on the blanket - I had one like this, all black and white with a white half-mustache. Still miss him. Oreo looks young - and the harness is a good idea. Don't want him running off.

    1. Thanks, he is a cutie!! He's actually not that young, about 10-12 years old (it's an estimate, as I adopted him as an adult, so his initial age wasn't know, except that he was full grown).


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