Tuesday, June 18

My First Official Gallery Showing!

These two lovelies of mine were sent on their way to a gallery in Alliston, Ontario yesterday. They are going to be part of a special art show, showcasing women and agriculture. I come from a dairy farm background, so it is not unusual that some of my paintings have showcased fields / nature. 

They specifically requested these two paintings, Stormy Highway and Delicate. Others were listed in their request, but they had since been sold. Both of these paintings are 12x12", and painted in oils.

I'm very much hoping to visit the gallery while they are showing. This will be the first time that my artwork has been officially displayed in a gallery, and it's just way too exciting! Definitely a big step :)


  1. That is SO awesome!!! Congrats!! What gallery? I want to try to convince Pat to go..

  2. Congratulations!!! I love your road painting -- looks just like "home" - I grew up on a farm in SD.


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