Tuesday, June 11

On My Bookshelf Lately

I thought I'd take some time today to share some of the books that I have read in the past month, or so, with you. Let me warn you, the genre of these books are all over the map. I like everything, and so some books are just fluff (which are perfect for after a rough day at work), and some make you think a little bit more.

The first book, The Magic of Reality, by Richard Dawkins was an interesting read. It is simplified science - and having gone to school for science, it was a bit of a repeat. But it had funny statements, and little facts that I never really thought about, and some of the topics did make me just stop reading and ponder if for a little bit. I especially enjoyed the subjects relating to space, as having studied biological / medical sciences, I didn't touch very much on astronomy.

Next we have, The Lady of the Rivers by Philippa Gregory. This is the author who wrote, The Other Boyleyn Girl. I love reading her books - as do I love watching all the movies about the royal families (whether they are true, or solely based on fiction).  This book was not directly about a women who ruled, the main character - Jacquetta, is a married into the position of 'Lady'. There is a lot of politics in this book, but my favourite part I would have to say is the touch of magic that is introduced - especially since this is a time when magic was not something people took lightly. 

The Year of the Flood, by Margaret Atwood, take place in a distant (but maybe not too distant) future. It is the story of a society which has reached a sort of 'utopian' standard, but to have achieved that, not everyone can benefit from it. There are the very, very sociably high, and then the very, very sociably low. There seems to not have much of a middle class anymore. The higher side of society keeps playing with genetic mutations - trying to better everything, taking chances they probably should not. On the lower side, is a group called 'The Gardeners'. They believe that a sort of flood will come and cleanse the world again, a dry flood - since it was promised in their remaining literature (their Bible), that the world would not be flooding with water again. Everyone is controlled by a corporate government, but of course, this corporate government gives everyone the 'idea' that they are free - but they are just so easily bought off. 

The last book I'm going to share with you today is, Dead Ever After, by Charlaine Harris. This book is the last instalment in the Sookie Stackhouse series - which the HBO television series 'True Blood' is loosely - so very loosely - based off of. I did very much enjoy the earlier books of this series, but must say I was sad how the last 2-3 books were. I do fully enjoy the television series, and I must admit I'm happy that they have branched off from the book series earlier on, because that means I just get that much more story out of it. And now that this series has ended, and I see how she has ended it - I really hope it continues to branch of. In this story, all the loose ties are knotted. There is still some wit in the writing, but not as much of the 'romance' of the earlier novels. Everyone sort of makes one last appearance, and I suppose I'll admit - as much as I did not like how it ended, at least it ended. It wasn't some fuzzy ending where you are not quite sure what might happen. It's a very black and white ending.   

So that's some of what I read in the past month or so. Of the four, I'd say 'The Lady of the Rivers' was my favourite! 

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