Saturday, June 22

Purple Valley Hike.

The biggest hike on our adventure last week was in purple valley, hiking along Colpoy's Bay (which is a little "nook" off of Georgian Bay) . This is up the South Bruce Peninsula, where on the other side of it is Lake Huron (which we visited the same day at Stoke's Bay). The Bruce Trail runs through here, and leads all the way up to Tobermory - so we started on the Bruce Trail, and then took a side trail off to make a 7-8km loop. 

That is the limestone cliff edge that we were hiking along. We were in the forest though - not right  on the edge. And every now and then, there would be a "lookout" opening to take a peak. 

It was very high up, but the view was spectacular! As I had mentioned in an earlier post, this is a spot we never would have really known about if it was not for the "Explore the Bruce" scavenger hunt. I'm happy that we were able to explore this hidden gem, and even happier that this gem is just a hop, skip and jump away from where we live. 

It is so very hard to capture just how high we were up on that cliff rock.

It was a wonderful hike, and we had beautiful sunny weather for it! The breeze from the bay kept us nice and cool as well as the shade from the trees.

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