Monday, June 3

The Beginnings of some ATC's

As an artist, not everything works out all the time. Or gets finished. Sometimes, you just know it'll never get finished. So, take for instance, a background I made a while back and it sat and sat, and I just could not for the life of me think of something suitable to put on it. So, a solution - I chopped it up! Yes, that's right! I cut it into 2.5x3.5" pieces to make ATC's!! These little pieces of art are wonderful for trading, and super affordable for buyers. They're great to experiment on, and are a challenge in themselves just because they are so very tiny. 

Above are pieces from that background sitting for tomorrow - for when I can take some time and create with them. I have them sitting in front of me now, so that I can start gathering inspiration, maybe sketch a few marks on them for when I'm ready tomorrow :)

We also have some regular visitors at our bird feeder - a set of male and female cardinals! They always come to visit together, it's too cute. They have a very distinct chirping noise that I have come to recognize, and so I always know when they're around :)

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  1. Anxious to see your ATC's. Love the background colors.

    I have a pair of cardinals nesting in a scruffy old bush -- it must be their "starter home."


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