Wednesday, June 5

The Key To Dreams Mixed Media Dimensional Artwork

"The Key To Dreams" - Available

Today I'm sharing my most recent mixed media art piece. In between working on commissions and going to work I managed to piece this dimensional art piece together, and titled it "The Key To Dreams"

I wanted to show you sort of how it started out - to really show how much you can alter and change random bits to create a 100% unique piece of art. I added more bits from my personal stash to complete the piece, but the bird on the fence started out as plain-jane. 

I love how the 'faux wood' turned out. The crackle paste with the gel medium worker perfectly and to plan! Sometimes crackle paste can throw you for a loop. I was able to wire the piece in the back as well, so it will be perfect to hang on the wall!

This piece is so very dimensional, and so very colourful! I wasn't quite a fan of the yellow / orange flowers in the package, so I painted them all red! :D I did some embossing as well on the piece with some of my Unity stamps, and used one of their texture stamps for the butterfly. 

And of course, a very mixed media project like this will leave quite the mess. There is so much randomness that I cleaned off my desk. 

This original piece of art is available for sale in my shop, here.


  1. Love the way it turned out! What did you use to adhere the pieces together? I was thinking to try gel medium with mine, but am kinda paranoid of it all falling apart once I finish.

    1. Thank you Suzanne. I used wood glue to adhere the pieces together, and then gel medium to reinforce when it was all dry. Wood glue holds pretty good, so I thought it was a good choice.


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