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Fathom Five Marine Park in Tobermory Ontario

James and I have been having a blast exploring all the local activities / attractions in our area. Yes, we have been living here about two years now, but last year was just so busy we couldn't find any time. This year, we are just as busy - when both people in a relationship work shift work, it can be hard to have days off together, especially in the early years of employment where neither of us have a set schedule. But, a major 'pro' to be shift workers, is that we are often off together in the middle of the week - when all these busy touristy trips are not quite so busy. 

One of the ship wrecks that we went over
So, last Thursday, we packed ourselves up to Tobermory, Ontario - the tip of the Bruce peninsula. It is so very beautiful up there. Just breath taking. We had originally wanted to take a boat to Flower Pot Island, and hike around there for the day, but plans got side tracked, and so we did the Fathom Five Cruise from Blue Heron Cruises. It's a two hour cruise that tours all the little islands. 

The other ship wreck in the bay
Despite being a beautiful sunny day - a perfect day for this cruise as you could see the ship wrecks through the clear waters so wonderfully - it was chilly on the boat. Or, I should rephrase - it was freezing, hehe. I didn't think to bring a sweater, luckily James did. As, once we really got out into the waters, the chilly Georgian Bay winds showed no remorse.  Even in James huge, thick sweater, I had goose bumps. But it was all worth it to see a beautiful part of our country - one that many people over look.

Light house as we are heading out of the harbour

I took the picture above once things were really starting to move. We 'lost' the mainland pretty quickly. The water was very clear, so the water in this picture is very, very deep. It looked black to us. I forget how many meters down it was - a thousand something; definitely more - but it was deep!

This cute little island was just the tiniest mound of rocks sticking out of the water. Obviously, it was not always there - with falling water levels over the decades. But, what it is now - a breeding ground for these black birds that I have never seen inland. They're almost like geese, but all black. So now it is a very precious bit of land.

Despite how big our boat was - okay, it wasn't huge, but it was the biggest I've been on lol. We were able to 'cruise' through little channels between islands. The boat was powered by little jets, allowing it to travel in these more shallow waters.

I just love how crystal clear the water was, and how you can see all the rocks.

Here you can see just how shallow the water was that we were travelling over. All those cracked rocks underneath. 

Above has to be my most favourite picture from the lot. I took a lot of pictures, over 200. But this one was just perfect in that I caught those shallower rocks, with the warmer colours perfectly! And trust me, when you are on a boat moving, you have only a second or two - which was why I took so many. I knew some would be garbage, but I didn't want to miss out on shots like this :)

Our first sights of Flower Pot Island
The rock cliffs on this island are so pretty, and the little light house really gives a feel for the size of the cliffs. 

Flower Pot!! Our first view of the flower pots! Okay, we saw them for some time coming around the corner, but this is my first awesome picture of it hehe. There are two on the island, and our guide showed us a spot where a third might have stood (I read online it tumbled in 1903 - but not sure how accurate it is). These are natural sea stacks

A view as we go by, can you see the face of the man on the right of it? Hint: he has a huge nose ;)

Some of the caves / rocks around the island. There are supposed to be lots of caves to explore, rare plants and camping on this island. We are hoping our next time up, we will take one of the speedboats (as we have now toured the surrounding area), and spend the day exploring the island, followed by a brisk dip in the colder waters. There are campsites on the island - 6 to be exact. But, there is no fires allowed, and if weather or water conditions turns sour, they will not come to get you. They say to bring three days extra supplies in case you are stranded, and that even for emergencies they might not get you. It is more the no campfire that is deterring us so far. Since there are only 6 sites, they would obviously have a high cost to them. And a campfire is the best part about camping! The one plus to camping there...all extra tourists are taken off the island at 5pm (that's the last boat off) after 5, it's just you and the fellow campers on the island to explore for yourself. 

The last little island before getting back to the Tobermory harbour.

Below is the 'map' of our trip. It took about two hours, and it was gorgeous every part of the way.

 I cannot wait to go back up there are to the Flower Pot Island hikes :D

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  1. Awesome photos - sounds like a great time! That water is so pretty!

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