Friday, July 26

Milky Way Watercolour Painting

I just finished a new watercolour painting yesterday, Milky Way. It was inspired by Incona Pop's song, "I Love It". I edited the painting a little in photoshop and added the lyrics to the top image just for fun. 

I had so much fun creating this piece, experimenting with very watery watercolour paints and watercolour mediums to create the layered 'nebula' look for my milky way.

Since the night sky is the main focus point for this painting, it didn't need much else when that was complete. I added some shadows of trees, and lot of twinkly stars. 

And for a final touch, I painted around the edges with gold paint. It will most likely be hidden with framing, but I like having these little "secret" touches. They make me smile :).

It available for purchase in my online Etsy shop, here.

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