Tuesday, July 2

Sweet Roses

I have shared a lot of the flowers that have just been 'popping' out of the ground around our house, but the biggest surprise was the sweet, deep pink rose bush that we have! I love roses, and a couple years ago had a little rose plant that I had kept alive and blooming for almost two years, until I moved - and it didn't quite like that. Above are some cuttings that I took from the plant.

 I didn't want to cut a lot off, so I cut just one branch that seemed out of place, that had a lot of blossoms on it.  It's obvious that this rose bush has not been properly cared for, in that it's just sprouting out wildly, and has not been 'trimmed'; which helps it get more bush like.

I won't be doing that trimming, I'm not expert in these matters lol. As well, this is the bush that those sweet little baby birds are living in, so it's best that it stays nice and wild looking to help hide them.

My old rose plant that has since passed. ...I think I might go looking for a
new one :)

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