Tuesday, July 9

Trying to Grow a Green Thumb.

This weekend, after my shift on Sunday, I went out and got the tools to do a little gardening. My green thumb is quite sporadic, sometimes it makes an appearance, and something things just die. First on the list was to repot my Jade succulent into it's new home up above. This was long over due, and my poor plant wasn't making any progress in growth as the old pot just didn't give it space to grow!

Next up, was getting a second round of herbs growing. The first round did not fare too well - I had directly planted them outside, and despite prompt watering, most did not even make it up, and those that did were nibbled away before anything became of them. So, now I'm going to start them inside instead, and keep them inside. Despite how cute the neighbourhood rabbits are, I would rather not have them eat all my herbs up...and I may have let the weeds re-take the garden where they were planted, which might just also be a contributing factor...

But, the gardening that I was most excited for, was to try and take 'cuttings' from a gorgeous, and wildly out of control bush that started blooming like crazy in our yard. I googled 'rose cuttings' to dip my toes into at first, and looked at all the different methods. The easiest, and I felt most natural way, was to take cuttings, dip the ends in honey, and them plop them in some soil. I uses these little peat pellets to start off with, as I felt then I wouldn't be struggling with the task of trying to separate them. 

I'm also realistic in the sense that I don't think they will all "catch". I read that it can take up to 3-4 weeks for the roots to really take hold, and growth to happen, so I will just have to nurse these little guys until then. If I can have only one or two survive that will make me happy. 

Here's a bloom from the plant that I took the cuttings from, isn't just so vibrant?! And they are large blossoms, most the size of my palm. There has got to be more blooms then leaves on this rose bush right now too, it looks quite hardy. Since we are only renting this current property, I want to be able to take these roses with me when the time comes to move. I just love roses, and would love to have them planted all over the place when we own a house. 

Just have to cross my fingers that these little guys make it!

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  1. I don't have a green thumb, either. My brother once told me all my plants look like candidates for Last Rites. Sad, but true. Your flower is gorgeous -- and your herbs are looking good.


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