Saturday, July 27

West Rocks Conservation

Our backyard backs onto the West Rocks Conservation area, which is cool, as we can go hiking right from our backyard!! It's amazing what Owen Sound has hidden in the conservation areas in town.

You can barely even see the town from this view - and we were only ten minutes into the trail, already loosing the town.

West Rocks Conservation area has this beautiful, and very steep and tall cliffs. I know someone who actually  takes climbing gear and does rock climbing on them, they are tall enough. 

Parts of the trails are groomed, some aren't so much - above is as groomed as it gets. There are a couple points in the trail that you have to 'hop over' these huge holes / gorges. They are deep enough that if you fell in them, you would not be able to get yourself out - think 2-ish stories deep, maybe more. and maybe a foot or two wide..not too much. But after looking down, you want to be sure you don't slip into them. This particular trail has signs saying that access at night is forbidden - as people have fallen in these gorges before. To me, it just makes the trail so much more interesting. I become a fan of these rougher trails over the 'compeletely groomed' ones - I feel those are boring now lol. 


  1. I'd have to agree - the more groomed, or worse, paved, paths are kinda boring.. I was lucky last weekend to walk my parents' new property - we had to "bush-wack" our way through thick forest into the meadow, which had 2-3 feet high grasses - once through that there were a bunch of more or less groomed horse trails cleared to the river. SOOOO pretty & fun despite all the scratches (even with long pants)! :)

  2. At my age (60), I prefer safe and boring to risky and adventurous. But the trail is beautiful.


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