Monday, August 12

In The Studio

I've been working on a few projects this past month. First off is a commission I got through my online art store, for an autumn forest:

I love creating these custom paintings, and I am always willing to take custom orders :)

I'm also working on a light house mixed media painting, from the light house I saw on our summer day trip to Tobermory earlier in the summer.

I really like how this piece is turning out. The longer canvas was perfect for showcasing the lighthouse. There are lots of pretty paper layers, and painting over top. I have quite a bit to do on this piece still though. Some of it I already know what I'm doing, and parts I just know need "something", but not quite sure of the course of action. I'm sure it'll come as I keep working on it, it always does :)

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  1. Love the Autumn Forest piece! I'm getting ready for Fall. It's been a long, HOT summer.


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