Friday, August 30

Lazy days

I've had yesterday and today off from work this week (I work the long weekend coming up), and it's been ages since I've been able to have a day off with nothing going on. Well, there is lots going - big, important stuff - but more news on that when things are a bit more final than they are now. But it is almost the end of summer, and that just boggles my mind how quickly the time went.

Anyways, I spent yesterday catching up on blog reading, cleaning, laundry, renewed my licence and car stickers, oil changed, cleaned the car, started a baby blanket and got my first ever pedicure! Yes, I got so so much done, but it was all at a nice and slow easy pace - if I didn't get it done yesterday, I would always have time to get it done today - a thought I haven't been allowed to have all summer!

I'm not an overly huge fan of feet - but aren't they so pretty!? Yes I have stubbly toes... The whole experience was just so relaxing - completely needed after a crazy, crazy summer. It was part of a Christmas gift that I just never had time to go for (yes, I've been that busy :S), so it was even free!! I still have a manicure and facial on that gift to redeem as well; just trying to space it out a little and enjoy it over the months. 

Now, today will be a little more 'filled'. I will be packing orders, working on custom orders and doing stuff to work towards that little secret above. I'm hoping I can share it all with you by mid-September. It's oh-so very exciting. Some of you might already know, as I have shared it with you - but you'll just have to be hush-hush for now. :)

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