Saturday, August 17

Studio Update

Since getting over a nasty little summer "cold"....after a long recovery, and a 9-day work stretch (finished tonight with my last night shift before a day off)...I've had some time and a mood to get a little creative again. I created several paintings, and finished some, and will be sharing them with you all this week! I'm going to try to stretch it all out over upcoming week, and maybe offer a deal or coupon code on one day throughout the week - stay tuned so you don't miss anything!! It will be mostly watercolours I will be sharing, with maybe one or two mixed media pieces! Some you have seen 'progress' shots of, and some are brand-spankin' new completely! So much goodness, it will be so much fun! You will find them all in my online store as well as here.

I thought that maybe a picture of my watercolour "box" and palette will ignite creativity in everyone too, with all the lovely colours! For my paintings that I sell, I use only tubed watercolour - the colours are just so vibrant right from the start. I do have a small watercolour box with the dried "plates" of watercolour and a palette of Peerless watercolours on paper strips, but those are usually just for my art journal. I love just looking in my little 'treasury' box at all the colours! I have numerous brands....throughout the years creating (over 7 years now!) I have bounced back and forth between brands...sort of how the mood strikes, availability, and colour ranges through the different products - Cadium Yellow in one brand may be quite different in another. The palette, one that I never thought would originally suit for me but I gave it a leap of faith, has been with me most of those years as well. It just works so well for my colour system, and has those larger pots in the "flower" for mixing larger washes. I don't see myself straying from this palette anytime soon. 

So there is lots going on with my artwork, and also in life. A big change is brewing in the wind...and only time will tell what direction it's going to take. Yes, overly poetic - but it fit quite well. I'll have more details as details here become finalized. I'm quite excited for this change, and quite scared. It's a big one. :D 

On a last note, the "Tail Ships" came to Owen Sound this weekend. We didn't have tickets as we weren't sure if we would be awake enough to see them, with us both working night shifts this weekend, but we managed time to go down. Unfortunately the tickets to go closer and actually board them were sold out, so we admired from a distance. Maybe next year. 

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