Wednesday, September 11

Autumn Bluebird Mixed Media Painting

"Autumn Bluebird"
Today I am happy to share with you a recent art work, "Autumn Bluebird". An original mixed media collage painting. I completed this piece on 12x12" canvas, utilizing gel medium techniques to give this piece beautiful texture and brilliant layers - almost mimicking encaustic techniques, with carved in elements. I would say the hardest part in creating this piece was waiting for those gel medium layers dry between art layers. The heat gun helped speed it up a little, but there was still a lot of waiting.

I must say - blue and orange is a colour combination that I always come back to in the fall. It is perfect for the autumn season, and they work so seamlessly together. Of course, it's why they are considered "complimentary colours". 

There are layers upon layers of translucent colours in the bluebird in this painting. It really makes him shine in the composition, and gives a beautiful depth to him.

This original painting is available for sale in my online shop.

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  1. The blue against the orange background really pops! Love the details, too.


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