Thursday, September 26

Catching Up To Life

Getting back into the swing of things after our late summer cottage getaway hasn't been too hard, but there is a lot going on. First off, the little vacation was so nice - just to be away and somewhere nice and peaceful. We even went for a dip in the cooler lake water, the sun was so warm we had too! 

Lots of good friends stopped to visit and catch up. Then, in the evenings we watched some scary movies - the first and second "Insidious" movies - the second we drove into town to watch it in the theatre. Some board games, and a nice dinner out to celebrate our 7 years together made it complete. 

We really couldn't have asked for better weather - it was just so beautiful! We have been graced with another beautiful week this week - in which I lucked out to have most of it off. Don't worry, it's not as relaxing as the cottage - I have been packing up a storm, working on Mammography assignments and painting away on commission paintings. I'm ever so grateful that watercolour paintings take minimal supplies: paint, paper and water. Phew! I'd never be able to continue through all the packing if that wasn't the case, and it's be so hard to not be allowed to be creative!

 Just want to leave you with the comical picture of dear Mr. Oreo. He heard something, and his pupils just grew so big! He must have sat like that for a good couple minutes trying to figure it all out.

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