Tuesday, September 10

Small Town...

So today, I share with you all very exciting news! This is the exact news that I have been "sorta-kinda" referring to the past few weeks. And, the same news that has had us running out crazily and maybe stressing a little bit. 
We bought a house!!

So, suffice to say, we will be moving...but this time we will be staying at this house a long, long time! It's a first for both me and James, so it's very exciting and scary all at once! Everything was finalized in the past few days, so it's now safe to share with everyone :)

I do not have any photos yet, I will be sharing those once we move in - in less than a month!! I know, super fast!! It is a cute, little small town that we will be moving to; so back to small town living for me :) (Hence the song I've included, "Small Town" by John Mellencamp). I'm excited and scared. It's been a long, long time since I've lived in a small little town - since I started university in 2004 and moved from the countryside back home - almost 10 years ago!

 I'm excited to have more space - we have a nice and big back yard, and a deck overlooking that. I'll be able to have a nice garden and cute flower beds - maybe even a fruit tree or two! We are also close to so many friends in this dear small town -so it will be nice having them all almost next door. You can even see the milky way at night on clear nights - that's how far away from the city lights we are :)

I'm not scared about not knowing anyone in this town with this move. This is James' home town, and so we visit it frequently. I already know, very well, everyone on our street. And it's for this reason that the decision to move there was so much easier to make. 

Anyways I should stop here for now, there will be more to come about this move as time goes by I'm sure - especially when we start some renovations. My shop will be staying open the whole time. We aren't moving a crazy distance from where we are now, and so the essentials are easy enough to move and set up again, it just makes sense. 


  1. woohoo! congratulations to you both. you're gonna love having your 'own' place.


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