Friday, October 25

Hello From Paisley - Quick House Tour!

Welcome to our home!!
Hello everyone!! I know it's been a little while, we have been swamped with everything. But I am finally checking in with you to let you know that the move is complete. We now officially live in Paisley, with our stuff.
Main entrance / living area - please excuse the mess we were cleaning/fixing
We, ourselves, are adjusting to having just so much more space too. It's such a huge change from living in a one bedroom + den house to a 4+ bedroom house. We are still collecting some furniture, and thankfully to our gracious friends, have had no issues finding pieces to fill empty rooms. Many of them still echo too, as we haven't quite placed yet-to-be-picked-up furniture. But it should all come together soon. Already it's feeling like a home.
Dining area and kitchen - so much natural light here :)
We have already learnt a lot of little "tasks" as home owners. I'm happy that we are both on the same page that we want to try to do things ourselves, and learn how to fix things ourselves whenever possible. I have even learnt how to troubleshoot a toilet that won't stop "running" and to fix it. I know it's not a huge problem, but it's something that I didn't know before and now do.

The view form our kitchen window onto our backyard. And yes, we own the barn :)
Oreo has adjusted quite well to it, but it is very territorial right now: hissing and growling at two particular stray cats that keep coming up to our downstairs patio window and taunting him. This has had a positive outcome though: with all the running between windows and up and down stairs he is getting his exercise, and has even become more playful with toys that he had previously had no interest in.
Our downstairs living space / rec area. There is also a bedroom,
bathroom and unfinished bedroom down here.
It took a lot of love from us to get the house a little more "us", and there's still plenty that we would like to do - some on a "wish list" and some on a "near future" list. One being that we are planning on painting most of the upstairs new colours to refresh to walls, and to let us start "new" with them - patching up all the old holes and 'dents' and them making them look perfect again. It's been so much fun picking colours, and I've almost finished deciding! I think the most exciting part, is that it's ours - and we can do most whatever we want with it - make it truely ours to live in for the many years to come.
One of the views from our slight wrap-around deck in the back

The rest of the deck.
I hope you enjoyed this quick little tour. I know I didn't show all of the house. There are some bedroom pictures that I didn't include, and the bathrooms - but a bedroom is a bedroom, and a bathroom is a bathroom hehe. I'm hoping that once I get my studio somewhat set up that I will be able to get back to some regular blogging habits, and share art with you all again. :)


  1. your house looks so pretty - love that porch! Can't wait to see the paint colours you've chosen!

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