Saturday, October 5

Home Owners!

James and I officially become first-time home-owners this past Friday :) It still doesn't seem real. That might be because, we drove into our new town to pick up keys, walked around a little, and then headed back to our current rental house to sleep the rest of the afternoon as we both worked nights. Sort of ruins the excitement  I know lol.

And then, today - after getting home from work, and sleeping most the early afternoon, we got up and started out first official run for home repairs. Just the basic stuff to start - light bulbs and cleaners. We will be getting more as we go along I'm sure, but we were short many light bulbs.

We aren't quite sure when we're moving in. We have a bit of stuff we want to do in the house first, and then we will move. We have until the end of the month to leave our rental house, so there's plenty of time.


  1. so so exciting! can't wait to see more pics - this one is super cute though! :)

  2. Congrats! many blessings in this new phase of your life :-)


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