Monday, October 7

Home Renovations: Good-Bye Wallpaper

After night shift yesterday, and a short nap, I went over to the house to meet up with James and some wonderful, wonderful friends. We started cleaning up the house, to make it spotless for when we move all our stuff in - to get a nice fresh and clean start in our new house. One of the smaller projects, which I actually quite enjoyed (especially after spending most the day cleaning out bathrooms), was taking down all the wall paper borders in the house - with the exception of the one in the kitchen, because others were cleaning there and there just wasn't room for me.  

The border in the bedroom was nice, it just peeled right off like a vinyl sticker. No elbow grease required there. The other's were a little more tricky, but not horrible to get off. Here's how I did it:

Removing wallpaper borders:
  1. Peel off the design part - the top of the border should come off easily, leaving behind it's underpart which is still stuck to the wall, as you can see in the above photo.
  2. Steam it - if you have a steamer. If you don't, a spray bottle with warm to hot water will work just as well. Your arm will just get a work out from spraying it so much. I used a steamer for some, and a spritz bottle for others - both worked equally
  3. Make sure the wall paper is good and soaked through - if it's still dry in places, make it wet. Having it all soaked through with water is the key
  4. Take a scraper and make a mess! This isn't a "clean" job. Scrape all the wall paper off, and it will come off nice and clean. Just work your way around, making the paper wet and then scraping it off
  5. Clean up left over residue with a sponge or towel. 
And that's it...all off! :)

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