Monday, October 28

Soon to be Art Studio

This was the room that I picked for my future art studio. I choose this room, as it seems to get the most natural light for the longest during the day, opposed to the other two rooms. It will require some work to get it where I want it to be, but that is part of the fun!!

I'm so excited that this room has a closest! My last one didn't, and it just looked so messy all the time because my boxes of everything were all over the place due to space constraints. This time, my studio should look just so much more organized (or that's the plan).

The first "project" for this room will be the walls, and that will happen when we paint the rest of the house. After that I have some shelves to paint to go along with the colour scheme I picked out, and it will just escalate from there I'm sure. It will be a long, slow process I'm sure...but one day will be exactly as I want it and perfect :)

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