Monday, November 11

My New Art Digs

I'm so happy to say that my art studio is now a workable space! Hurray!! :) It will take a little more time to fully "settle" in to the new space, but for now at least I can create :) I really like that my easel is able to be closer to my desk - I hope it works out staying there. But it also has the option to be pulled out a little for much larger canvases. 

And I have that huge window right in front of my desk - can we also give another 'hurray' for so much more natural light?! I'm hoping to set up some sort of "filming-thing" on the left side - and if that fails, I'll put in some shelves, and Jimmy-rig it off of that :) Hmmm, or now looking at it, maybe off the top of the window...

Because there is so much more space, and I have a closet, the room seems so empty compared to my last space, but more organized. I'm hoping to get some shelves up, and maybe a deep ledge running along the long side of the room to sit various paintings on it. That will allow me to change them up as time goes by and paintings sell. A sort of 'interactive', ever-changing art display. It will be nice to be able to display more artwork in the room, instead of just having it stashed away in corners. 

I've also placed my printer a little further from my desk, and have all the printer paper under it and more accessible. This is pending that I can set it up to print wireless via it's Wi-Fi capabilities. I'm sure I can, but if for some unlucky reason I just cannot do it, I might have to move it a little closer to my desk for the printer cables. 

I've almost finished the redesign of the blog too. I'm stepping away from the designing part for a couple days, so that I can look at it with a fresh mind, and see what else needs doing :) It's amazing what a little photoshop and CSS coding can do for a blog!

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