Friday, November 29

Our Home - Before and After Our Painting Extravaganza

It has been a winter wonderland at our house this past week - we have gotten  a lot of snow. Which is good - soon it is snowboarding season!! So excited!! Even more exciting is that we are now all done the painting in our house, finally! Below are all the after pics, enjoy :)

Master Bathroom After: We painted is a lovely  grey-purple. The blinds were already there.
A few future upgrades will be a nice mirror, and maybe the blinds.
Master Bedroom After: a nice, deep turquoise. It goes wonderfully with our brown
linens, and painting the trim / doors white made a world of difference! 
Our hallway After
Upstairs Bathroom After - a nice, light sea foam colour
Living Room After - we kept the green idea, and just picked a bit brighter of a colour.
It's a very empty room, I know :) All our actual living room stuff from our
other house is in the downstairs living space (couches, larger tv, shelves, ect)
The view going into the kitchen.
Kitchen After: It's the same blue as in the bathroom, but with all the light it
looks more vivid blue in this picture than it really is. There is still painting mess all in
this picture on the counter (tools and such)...oh well lol. 
Our kitchen "nook" - just so much natural light, I love it! But it makes it
hard to get a nice picture of it :)
We are so happy that this fairly large project is done, and our house is now more our home. It wasn't just painting walls - we had to paint doors and trim - so it was quite the project. But it's done, and now we get to enjoy our labours :D We didn't paint the downstairs, as it was more recently painted by the owners, and the colours were more suited to use - so that cut an already large project down a little bit. 

You can also tell from the photos, that some of the spaces are quite "bare" - that's what happens when you move from a crazy small space into a huge space - you don't have enough stuff! LOL. But I'm okay with it. I know over time, we will accumulate items, and slowly decorate and build these spaces up. I don't want to rush into it too much, because I want to be sure. Shortly though, we will start hanging stuff on the walls - photos and paintings - and that will make a world of difference in itself :)

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