Saturday, November 9

Slowly as trees grow...

Just a quick 'hello' this weekend. Painting continues to take over our lives. This project has turned into a monster - always there, lurking. I know I make it sound like a surprise, but we sort of knew it would turn this way. I think we were just in denial before, and excited to get not-so-pretty colours off our walls. Since we have been working a lot of shifts, it seems we work, come home and paint and then sleep. But we are making progress. We just want it perfect, so it is a little more slow going. All the colours we have painted already look fabulous, and I can't wait to put away all the drop sheets and painting clutter and make everything neat and pretty again to really see how wonderful it looks. I will admit, since we choose a lot of colours, as opposed to different shades of neutral and whites, I was a little worried that some of them might be too overbearing. It's so hard to tell from a little paint chip. But so far, so good!

And, my new little (larger than before) studio is top on the list to be finished, so that I can get back to a normal at-home-work routine with my artwork, shop and blog. So hopefully, fingers crossed, it will be all finished and arranged by the end of this weekend! All that is left is painting the trim, which is a time-sucking process, but we are getting there! :) I will take this time to share, that we are painting pretty much all the trim upstairs, as a lot of it is 'coloured' - blues, burgundy, ect. - and I grew up in a very white-trim-loving world. This will probably take more time than painting the walls lol. 

Also, I have some little DIY projects that I want to share with you all on the blog, but those will have to wait until the studio is done so that I can actually create them - all the supplies are just sitting in bags dying to be played with. They are all winter themed, and could even carry into other seasons - so very versatile projects! I'm also setting up my art studio so that I can film more, and maybe even present a weekly art-film. I'm still working that all out, but there is positive progress on that front.

On one last note, you will notice my blog might look a little different from day-to-day. I am working on a re-design, as a break from painting here and there. Since my "office" is the kitchen table until my studio is done, all I can really do is dabble on my lap top and print / pack orders. So, I figured it's something to do between drying paint layers, and it's due for a little 'paint job' too :)

Happy weekend!

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