Sunday, November 3

Tomorrow is Painting Day!

Our dining 'nook' / kitchen - will go from a pastel green-brown to a
country / dusty blue.
 Tomorrow we paint! I've been very much looking forward to this day. Normally I would get up bright and early to get a head start on a big project like painting the entire upstairs.... you know, so it gets done in one day. But I am working night shift (Saturday), and so the earliest I think I will be able to function on Sunday is at noon - that gives me 4 hours of sleep. And unlike all you lucky ones who are getting the extra hour of sleep from going back to normal time from daylight savings - I just have to work an hour longer. Oh, boo!

We really liked the green in the living room, but there was a lot to
patch up, and so it definitely needs repainting. We are painting it a bit brighter of
a green, with less brown in it.
It took a long time to pick out all the colours, and I cannot wait to share them with you - once they're on the walls! I really hope I'm happy with them, I'm sure I will be. It's just so hard picking colours - especially with some open concept space - making sure they all work with each other - and not knowing how precisely they will look on the walls.

The hallway space, and one guest bedroom, is being painted a nice light brown
(The weights hanging on the banister were to hold it down to let glue settle as
we had to fix it upon moving in).

This is the room I'm most excited about! I know, it's only a bathroom...
We will be painting this a lovely, rich purple with a hint of grey. It is the
master bathroom, and I think it will make it look so romantic! We are also
painting the bedroom a nice darker teal. We sleep during the day when working nights
so having a dark room is very important to us.
My art studio room is being painted a nice, lovely light teal. I really like
how it looked in other artist's studios. It will really freshen up whatever was
supposed to be going on in here before.
So, we have our work cut out for us, that is for sure! We also have a lot of trim to paint white, but that will be for another day after all this wall paint has dried and cured thoroughly. I really cannot wait to get the art studio room painted up, and then I can really set up my art supplies and get back into the groove. Packing orders in a haphazard unpacked room is not the easiest, not to mention the mess is just way too distracting for anything creative to happen.

I cannot wait to share you pictures of all the new colours :)

I promise, once the studio is set up, I'll be back to sharing artwork here and not so much house stuff. :)

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