Thursday, December 5

Painting the Holidays

I've been a lucky duck, and got today off!! A nice little break in the week - back to work tomorrow, and then the weekend off as well. It will be a busy one too - we have a "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party to attend - and I will share the tacky creation I came up with for this party with you all tomorrow - I cannot resist not making my own sweater for such an occasion, hehe.

Today is no relaxing day off though - there are errands (we need more Christmas lights now that we have a larger house!); and I'm starting my super long list of Christmas baking. As well, we have to start wrapping gifts to send out to Manitoba this weekend (James' sister lives there), and lots of orders to pack! 

I got home late last night, after the post office was closed, so I was not able to grab stamps until this morning. So, I took a moment and worked on a holiday themed mixed media painting. It was nice to just play with all my art supplies - it has been so long, being busy with new house stuff, and then holidays. My dear feline, Oreo, is of course the star of this piece! He was just too cute when we were putting up decorations - I don't think I've ever seen his pupils so large from all the tinsel hanging around!

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